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Twisted BlissTwisted Bliss by C.A. Williams
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Twisted Bliss by C.A. Williams

Rated: 4 Stars
Review by: Leesey

Della and Justin throw in a little Nash and Della’s family and you have complete chaos. It’s no wonder that Della was so unsure about so much through the series. Even when she knew she was in love with Justin, the one that you never would have expected. I seriously thought when I started reading this series that it was a story about her reconnecting with her old friend Nash when being sent to live with her Grandparents. But boy was I wrong. In comes Justin and Della’s life is completely changed. She found her heart, she found that she could love and wanted to change the path her life was on. In that same moment I have never met a group of people who had anything and everything happen to them to stop the good from happening.

When I first met Justin Parker in Chaotic I wasn’t sure if I liked him at all. He was cocky, self assured and too much of a playboy but in the same breath he was sexy, hot and self assured. Funny how that all works right. I loved that Justin Parker actually gave Della a little bit of normalcy and got her to see that there was more to life than just squeaking by and had her want for me in her life. It was great to see her fall in love with him and get past all the baggage of her past life and indiscretions. Her relationship with her Mother was hard to swallow. I had such a hard time coming to grips with a mom that was simply that cold and calculated and a father that wasn’t really involved her in life.

Twisted Bliss closed a lot of open wounds, helped Della find closure in so much of her past and create her future. Her relationship with Justin was so chaotic that you had to wonder through it all if they would make it and even till the very end you wondered and worried. I was very sad to see what happened to Nash and Mariah’s relationship, more for Nash and his loss. I hope that there is a follow up book about Nash in our future.

The entire series was a great read; I thoroughly enjoyed the life and tribulations of Della and her chaotic life. I was so happy to see some happily ever afters for Della and her friends! I think it was extremely important to see that people can change and CA Williams showed us that completely.

I fell in love with Justin and Della’s relationship and loved how it all transpired. Nothing was perfect but it ended in perfection!! Great job CA Williams on a wonderful love story!!!

Check it out…you won’t be disappointed!

C.A. Williams is the author of The Journey Series, Full Count, Imperfect Perfection Series, and The Crush; all of the New Adult Genre. When she’s not busy typing away at a new book, she’s also trying to juggle three little ones. Living the dream!

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