Saving Forever (The Ever Trilogy, #3)Saving Forever by Jasinda Wilder
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This was by far the best possible way for this trilogy to finish….Everyone HEA with a little bit of chaos and drama! I’m so happy that was given the opportunity to read this trilogy. No it wasn’t a happy ever after trilogy in the first 2, it was heartbreak after heartbreak and yes some of it upset many people. Cade and Ever’s love story was filled with heartbreak, angst and loss, Edens story was filled with jealousy, insecurity, angst and loss as well. When Cade and Eden think they’ve lost Ever, the one person that they loved more than anything, they used each other to fill the voids that were lost. Was it right? Who knows. Did I enjoy that in book 2, no…but its what it is.

Book 3 Saving Forever, shows us how they try and deal with the consequences of Cades and Eden’s “betrayal” and the impending pregnancy that could destroy everything that they love and had been given a 2nd chance to.

Jasinda Wilder took that and ran with it and I think she truly completed the trilogy just as it should have been finished! I loved it, all of it…and would recommend this to anyone who is open to this type of read. Its worth it…

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