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Dee’s Review of The Pairing:

At first I was unsure when I heard Katie was writing a book about Pesh…The same Pesh that almost came between Aidan and Emma. I knew Pesh was a good guy, but still a book about him was not very appealing to me if i’m being honest.

BUT after seeing all of the teasers made by the girls from The Book Avenue, I was quick to change my mind.  They were also kind enough to let my blog (It’s a book affair) (https://www.facebook.com/itsabookaffair) in last minute for a review. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

This book was absolutely AMAZING!

 PESH is Dr. McDreamy Bollywood looking to settle down and have a family. He is 37, sex on a stick, tall, jet black hair, dark eyes, built like a brick shithouse, and a true gentleman.


 MEGAN is a 25 year old feisty young mother of Mason 18 months, not looking for a serious relationship. She wants “sex with no strings”.

I’m Twenty-five, and you’re thirty-seven. You want a wife, and I’m not ready to be married.”

I loved The Pairing.  I loved how Pesh and Megan came together.  I LOVED the way Pesh slowly worked his way into Megan’s life and touched her with his genuine kindness and love towards Mason.  After that she finally realized she could no longer fight her feelings for him.  She could no longer deny the love she felt for him.

diane 1“If I take you, I’ll be making love to you. I’ll have you begging and pleading, but you’ll be coming so many times you’ll lose count. You’ll understand the difference between a quick tumble and the all-consuming power of a physical connection fueled by an emotional one.”


 I also enjoyed getting more of Aidan and Emma’s story. I absolutely LOL with the scenes with Aidan.

 “Are you saying that you and Aidan have never had seedy passion?”  “Aidan and Pesh are not in the same league of men. I love Aidan, but he’s not necessarily a gentleman. Pesh is.” “Yeah, but you’re a lady.” “Maybe in the street, but she’s one hell of a freak in the bedroom,” Aidan said behind them.

If you’re looking for an angst-free, drama-free, chemistry-filled love story that is sweet but hot, featuring a super-functional couple – this is your book! This was a great book to add to the series!  Katie Ashley you didn’t disappoint! I love your books! Must read along with The Party/The Proposition/The Proposal

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