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Image Review by Isa:

OMG Katie Ashley you’re the bomb diggity!!!  5 stars!!  I LOVED this story!

 I have to admit, although I thought Pesh was Dr. McDreamy Bollywood in the The Proposal, I was not a fan that he was infringing on Aidan and Emma’s relationship.  That being said…I’ve had a COMPLETE change of heart!  I LOVE PESH!!  He’s a true gentleman when he needs to be but frankly (and SO THANKFUL!!) that he’s in a freak in the bedroom!  Tantric sex…really!  AH!  But his heart has an empty space since losing his wife Jade and Megan is just the one to fill it.  Megan doesn’t do relationships and would be happy just taking the good doctor for a spin!  However, a true love story ensues.  Two souls who have both loved and lost and in completely different ways, who for different reasons have not found the love they both so deserve…until now.  Bound together as the godparents to Aidan and Emma’s son Noah, where they would go from the baptism was something that Megan definitely did not expect with the good doctor.

Image“Megan needs someone strong and stable like you are, and then you need someone who is so full of life like she is.  I can guaran-damn-tee you that you’ve never been out with a woman like her before…” Aidan Fitzgerald

When Megan is placed at the same hospital for her nursing clinicals where Dr. Nadeen is a resident, things start to heat up and yes, you could say there were some panty melters in there!  A first encounter in a supply closet that is HOT, HOT, HOT Pesh decides to give Megan what she wants in exchange for a date and the rest, as they say, is history.

Kristi laughed, “Oh no, I’m about to lose another one to Dr. Nadeen’s charms, huh?”  Shaking her head wildly Megan replied, “No, no, we’re just friends.”  Kristi winked.  “Yeah, just keep telling yourself that honey.”

A sweet, lusty love story follows and does not disappoint!  Sex, yes there’s great sex…in the hospital, on food soiled sheets, a plane…yep, it’s pretty good stuff!

lisa 1

I really just can’t say enough…I just loved this story!!  I was very thankful that it wasn’t full of angst, just a sweet, sweet love story really.  OH and how can I forget to mention how I adored how sweet Pesh was with Megan’s son Mason!  Heart warmingly sweet!!   I was happy to get a little more of Aidan and Emma and I’m so happy that Katie gave Pesh and Megan their own love story.  That being said, I’m sad to see them all go!  Hopefully Katie will give us a little more somethin’ somethin’ with these characters!  LOVED LOVED LOVED!

“You are everything I could ever want in a man.  You love me, you watch out for me, you want the best for me.  While that would be enough to make me want to marry you, you love my son.  You watch out for him and you want the best for him.”  She sniffled.  “I was so stupid for so long.  I couldn’t believe that someone like me could truly deserve someone like you.  But you never gave up on me.  If you give me the chance, I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to make you happy.”