RATING:  4.5 Stars

After Pesh slid into his seat, he put the key in the ignition and cranked up. As they started backing out of the driveway, she glanced over at him. “Do you have to come to the rescue of drunk women a lot?” she asked. Wait, was she slurring?

He cut his eyes over at her and smiled. “Not exactly. But I’m always happy to help a damsel in distress.”

Megan giggled. Oh God, now she was giggling? She never giggled. She eyed Pesh suspiciously. “Got a hero complex, huh? Wanna be every woman’s knight in shining armor?”

“Not every woman’s,” he murmured.

 “Mmm, Pesh, you wanna be my knight in shining armor?” As soon as the words left her lips, she fought the urge to slap her hand over her mouth. Alcohol always had this effect on her—it left her completely without a sensor.

Leesey’s review of The Pairing

I loved loved loved this story.  First and foremost I loved how genuine Pesh was/is.  He has always been kind hearted, loving and simply irresistible.  Meghan and his love story was refreshing. There was no real drama, no real crazy stuff going on just two people who had loved and lost.

Pesh’s Heart break was evident from the first time he was introduced but it was never as much as it was in the Pairing.  Seeing how hard it was for him to do what he loved, being a doctor and being reminded daily that he can’t always save someone and bringing back to the forefront the loss of his beloved loss was tragic.  You wanted him to find love, wanted him to find his HEA .

Meghan, single mom, who got herself through school to be a Nurse and a good mother at the same time. Who allowed men in her past to dictate which paths she took but found a way to make a great life for herself and her son Mason.  While she let her past mistakes dictate for awhile where it concerned Pesh, it was fun to watch her fall deeply in love with him before she realized she was.

I loved how their story really started off as two very attractive people who had an instant spark.  I did like that no matter what Pesh kept his head, he didn’t want her to be a one night stand and he stood by his beliefs.  So many times when you read a story the guy is the player, the one that won’t commit and I really enjoyed it this way.

One of my favorite scenes was their first real time together, it was funny, it was telling and I just enjoyed that scene as well as watching their entire relationship building time.  I especially loved that Mason was never forgotten.  He was just as much a part of the story as Meghan and Pesh. Such an important part of their relationship was that she had a son and watching his relationship grow with Pesh was inspiring.

For a true blue love story I think this is it. No crazy drama, no break ups and heart break between the two of them. Just two people finding their way to each other in the simplest form.

Wonderful read!!!!

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