His reaction to Beau normal.  

He didn’t want him.  Didn’t need him. And maybe if he repeated it enough, it would be true


RATING:  5 Stars


Warning:  Story is extremely explicit and if you are not comfortable with two men falling in love and having sex, then this is not a book for you. 


I have always been a fan of Nicole Edwards, starting with her Club Destiny Series, and into her Alluring Indulgences Series as well as Chasing Dreams.  Something about her way of storytelling and her ability to touch on taboo sexual experiences, encounters and relationships kept me entertained and curious as to how she would make this work.  I have not in the all the books that I have read by Nicole been remotely disappointed and now with Ethan, I’m more than ever very happy to have found this series.

I fell in love with the character of Ethan in the Holidays with the Walkers that Nicole released this last Christmas.  I was already enamored with Kaleb and Travis, now there is Ethan.  A very quiet, loner with what he thinks is a secret that really isn’t.  When I read his part in Holiday with the Walkers I immediately fell in love with his story.  His angst, his stubbornness and his love of his family was telling.  His attraction to Beau Bennett was so strong I could feel it off the pages.  So when Nicole mentioned that this was the next story, I was beside myself with excitement. 

Funny thing is that I was never one to read about MM romance.  It’s never been something I thought I would enjoy and while the sexual stuff that happens is hot in its own right, I actually really enjoyed the love story.  Watching as Ethan let down his walls to allow Beau in, coming to terms with what happened to him when he fell in love the first time and everything that followed was heartbreaking and heartwarming all at the same time.

When Ethan told Beau about his past, I was gutted.  It was no wonder he was so closed off to finding love and keeping his private life so private.  So private that he shut out his family in fear they would be hurt.  The biggest part for me that touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes was when Travis and Ethan sat down and spoke and Ethan broke down.  It was then I knew that Ethan would begin to heal and realize that he was worth finding love and that he had actually found it.  Seeing his quick transformation when realization hit him was heartwarming and I cheered, I smiled and I was thrilled to see that we would still get a happy every after.  But then I was pretty sure Nicole would do that for us.

As usual I fell in love with not only Ethan, but Beau as well. I loved that we got a piece of his life outside of the Walkers and I was thrilled when he didn’t let what his father did to him deter him from following his heart and being with Ethan.  I had actually forgotten that he was a part of the Zane and V story.  Sad isn’t it. Lol  Beau, big heart, loving, and finally home where he belongs.

Not only did Nicole touch on the taboo of a gay relationship, she really touched on the bullying and discrimination that people feel towards our Gay and Lesbian community.  I loved how she didn’t let it consume the story but allowed it be enough that it showed strength and power to not bow down to bigots and to the violence.  So many kids today don’t know how to come out, out of fear of how their parents will react or for fear of being attacked by fellow students, peers, etc.  Thank you Nicole for bringing that facet of RL to your story and allowing Ethan to find strength in his hurt, his suffering and his loss and to show us that not all families turn their backs on their children for being different from the “norm”.


Beau watched as Ethan notched his chin up, his eyes trained on Jimmy.  “I didn’t kill Gavin,” Ethan Said adamantly.  “I loved your brother.  You’re the one who made him watch while you tried to kill me.” 

A series of gasps erupted.  No one said anything.  They didn’t have to.  Ethan had just done what no one would’ve ever believed he could do. 

“And let me tell you this, you fucking piece of shit,” Ethan continued, his hands shaking as he stood just a few feed away from the man who’d sent his life into a spiral years ago.  “You won’t get another chance at me.  Gavin paid for the ultimate price for your ignorance and your bullshit.  I won’t let that happen again.” 

Once again you took two people and made me fall in love with their story and their love affair.  You have a knack for storytelling and I’m thrilled to have found your stories.  I now also have a bigger fantasy of tall, big cowboys! Lol Just saying!


If you have an open mind and just want a great story, pick up Ethan or any of Nicole Edwards story and lose yourself Club Destiny or Alluring Indulgences.  You won’t regret it.


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