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RATING:  4 ½ stars

“But, whichever way I go I come back to the place you are….”

I’m so glad that I was approached to read Finding Home, the story of Ben Foster and Samantha Cole.  What a touching, heartwarming story of two people who have suffered two very different types of heart break but both needed to move forward to be able to fall in love.  What I really liked about this story was that Ben and Sam didn’t jump into bed for hot steamy sex.  Ok so they eventually did but much further into their story then most books.  I loved this because we were able to meet Ben and Sam and fall in love with them separately and yet together.  I love sexy, erotica like many but it was so nice to fall in love right along with the characters. 

Ben Foster, educated,  rugby player, with a broken heart who just wanted to find a way to live again.   I loved that he was cute and sexy and very much a family guy.  He wasn’t a hard assed, control freak but a down to earth, family guy who suffered a tragedy when he should have been celebrating such an important part of his life.  The turmoil in his head while he started to live and fall in love with Sam was gut wrenching, loving and funny.  He reminded me at times of a young boy falling in love for the first time and yet he was a man, a man who had witnessed the worst of the worst and had shut down his heart in the process. 

Then there is Sam Cole who created rules to avoid heartbreak , college student who just wanted to fall in love, follow her dreams in becoming a teacher and maybe find love.  The child of a divorced couple who were more worried about their own love lives that they ignored their daughter and left her feeling unloved along with the few ex boyfriends that just tore at her heart.  What I liked about Sam, especially once she officially met Ben in Napa she was flirty, sassy and lost her filter.  Gone was the little girl I started reading about who couldn’t even look at her ex boyfriend without freaking out and crying.  Maybe it was the air in California or maybe she was dipping into the wine while at Moon Dance to give her the confidence. 

I loved how they started to feel the comfort and attraction before they had ever met in person.  They started their emotional tie over the phone over the few years while Sam and Jenny were in college and once they met face to face the attraction simply turned physical. 

The angst, sexually and emotionally was great, my heart broke several times for Ben and I hurt for Sam, Aine did a great job letting us feel both of their heartache as well as their happiness. 

I’m not going to lie,  I loved the physical scenes they had, HOT but what I LOVED the most was the ending…it was a perfect ending to their love story.  The replication of Say Anything’s poignant scene with John Cusack and the song, *sigh* and then the epilogue *double sigh*.    The mere fact that I could picture the entire scene in my head as I read the ending of their story is a great thing in my book!!! 

Finding home was a great read, funny, sad and all around great love story which will also lead us to book 2 for Jenny and Jack and I’m really excited about that one too. 

Great Job Aine Kelley, I’m really looking forward to more from you.

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