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Have you ever had someone come up to you while reading your book and saying “OMG I can’t believe you read that stuff?”  It seems that before the kindle, Nook or Ipad we were judged the minute people saw the cover of our books and couldn’t believe that we were either reading a romance novel or “mommy porn.”  Apparently you are only an avid reader if you read Nonfiction books and throw in an auto-biography occasionally.  I honestly think the stigma of reading romance novels is worse than those that consistently read self help books.  Heck I’ve read self help books and all its done is helped put me to sleep on most occasions. 

I remember when I bought Fifty Shades of Grey, it was the hottest book on the market and I saw people and knew people who actually tried to read this series incognito.  Really?  Why be ashamed of reading a love story with a bit of BDSM?  You’re an adult why can’t you read smut.:p  Ok so it’s not really smut and maybe it borders on porn but it’s a love story for god sake. I mark it up to the guys reading Maxim.  It’s not pure nudity but it leaves little to the imagination.  So why are we so worried about what people think about our reading material.  We aren’t hurting anyone are we?  If anything else our significant others are making out better than before.  Honestly the FSOG covers were rated G next to my favorite series thus far, Club Destiny.  I mean the covers were hot!! 

I mean this is freaking hot!!



Ok so maybe reading on our kindles keeps us safe from glares and the “OMG do you see what she is reading?” Or “omg she’s reading porn.” I get it. 

Here’s a question for you.  Are you ashamed of what you read?  Do you intentionally hide what you’re reading or lie about it?  Just wondering what your thoughts are on the explicit covers and stories that seem to be hot on the market.

 Do tell?  Would love to hear from you!

*fans self* I think I need to go read Temptation again by Nicole Edwards.