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Fifty Shades of Grey is currently in production and I have to say I’m soo excited!!!  I was unsure originally when they announced Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson. First, I had no idea who these two people were and thought WTF.  But I did some research and well, Charlie Hunnam led me to Sons of Anarchy (that’s for another time, another obsession) and his movies which I thought were great.  As for Dakota, other than knowing she was Melanie and Don’s daughter I don’t know anything about her.  After doing my research I had decided that I was digging Charlie as Christian Grey, obviously a few cosmetic changes (hair mainly) would need to be made but I was happy and actually excited.  Then suddenly the rug was pulled out and Charlie Hunnam left FSOG and incomes Jamie Dornan.  I will admit I was completely unsure and I’m still slightly unsure. 

We read these stories and create our own characters in our heads based on the writer’s descriptions.  What we picture in our head is not always the vision of the author, or in this case the casting director and director.  So yes I have been a little on the fence about the changes.  Having said that, I have been a little on the fence about this trilogy called “Mommy Porn” being made into a Rated R movie when the book has some extremely explicit sexual scenes and the sex in these books are very much a part of the story telling and the way that Mr. Grey shows his love of Ana.  So since the fall out and the new casting I have been waiting patiently for a glimpse into the FSOG movie and I have been extremely exciting since the first photos of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. 

I’ve been following now only EL James and the pictures they have been showing us during filming just add to that excitement.  Maybe they weren’t my choices or what I envisioned in my head while reading the Fifty Shades and maybe even after Charlie had been originally cast and I re-read the stories with him in mind is not what is really happening.  I can’t help but be extremely excited about the movie and I’m willing to give the actors and actresses a chance to deliver the story with the same passion and excitement that was given to us by EL James when she wrote the stories.

Now I’ll be honest this isn’t Shakespeare, if you’re looking for a trilogy of extreme substance and soul searching, with a hidden message of living the beautiful life, this isn’t it.  This is a story of a man with a horrific childhood, who uses BDSM and sex to keep that aspect of his life deep down inside until he meets Ana and then everything begins to change.  It’s a love story to get lost in, one to touch on some fantasies you may or may not have, one where you can just immerse yourself and disappear from the real world for a few hours. 

With that said here are a few pictures that were leaked online from the filming of Fifty Shades of Grey!  I am as I said already very excited for the release of not just the theater version but the more graphic one as well.lol  Yah I said it…if you’re going to make this a movie, give it all to me!!   I hope they do it justice!

Here’s to February  of 2015!!!!!

Later’s Baby!