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Club Destiny “Conviction” Book 1  by Nicole Edwards



I ran across this series by complete accident on Amazon.com.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to read but ever since I had read Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy I was completely immersed in books in this type of genre.  Without really thinking about it I started out with the first Club Destiny book, Conviction, the Samantha and Logan Story!  When I first read the synopsis on Amazon and then on Goodreads I just wasn’t sure but when I read things like sinfully, hot encounters between two sometimes 3 or more, my imagination runs wild and I need to move forward to and read the story.  Can I just tell you I had no idea what to expect.  A few pages in had me completely engrossed in the book and I fell in love with the characters.

Samantha Kielty, a hard worker for XTX in San Antonio, Texas moves to a larger upscale office in Dallas, Texas where she meets the uber rich, and sexy Logan McCoy.  Their attraction is immediate as is their hot encounters. 

Logan McCoy’s life is great, its steady and he thinks things are going just as planned until his new VP of Project Operations walks into his office and into his world. 

I picked up on their sexual attraction right off the bat.  As I read the their story I had no idea what it would entail and I was shocked, surprised and completely in awe as I realized that Logan was extremely dominant and well it turns out that Sam loves to be controlled, cherished and well completely satisified.  I mean who wouldn’t.

Logan and Sam went from Vanilla to holy hotness in a matter of minutes when in comes Luke McCoy on their first date.  I didn’t realize how much I might have enjoyed reading that until it was done and then to have Cole introduced to the 3 of them was even more mind blowing. Mind you this isn’t something I would have thought I would want to read about much less picture but the way Nicole Edwards wrote this love story was erotica at its best. 

There was attraction, love blooming, a little drama and some really hot scenes with Logan and Sam but right towards the end you started to get a little glimpse in Luke McCoy’s life and where Nicole might take another story. 

With this series you really have to have an open mind not just emotionally, but sexually.  Nicole will touch areas that you never expected.  Have an open mind; enjoy the love story and exploration of all their sexual experiences. 



Next up:  Club Destiny:  Temptation (Luke Sierra and Cole),  by Nicole Edwards