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We have been very behind since beginning this blog.  The blog was created back in February of this year and then we failed to do anything with it.  The passwords and what emails were associated with it were even forgotten.  LOL

Call it being overwhelmed with life or a fear that no one will actually read this blog about books we’ve read. We found that we love telling people how we feel about the books we’ve read and love helping people find new books to read.  There are so many books out there written by Indie Writers that had it not been for book blogs, good reads or just word of mouth by friends, we may not ever read them.

Only 1 rule:

We love feedback, good, bad or indifferent.  All we ask is that who ever reads it is just respectful to those writing in the blog or responding.

and FYI..our grammar may not be the best and occasionally we may misspell a word.  Just be courteous!

So here we go!!!!